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Prof. Dr. Dr. Douglas Pratt

Adjunct research Professor und Professor an der Universität Waikato

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Professor Pratt studied philosophy and theology in New Zealand and gained his PhD in Divinity from the University of St Andrews, Scotland (1984) and a Doctor of Theology from the Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia (2009).

Professor Pratt is an Anglican priest and Canon Theologian emeritus in New Zealand and is also licensed to the Archdeacon of Switzerland within the Church of England Diocese of Europe.

He is a member of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission in New Zealand, and a member of the Plenary Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches.

Professor Pratt has held Visiting and Honorary positions at the Universities of Heidelberg, Oxford and Birmingham (UK). He has twice been awarded a DAAD scholarship and has been a Fulbright scholar at Georgetown University, Washington DC. In spring 2011 he was Visiting Professor, and since autumn 2011 he is Adjunct Professor at the Dept. for Old Catholic Theology at the University of Bern. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Political and Social Inquiry at Monash University, Australia, and an Associate of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Professor Pratt is also the New Zealand Associate to the Australian-based UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations – Asia Pacific. He has served as President of both the New Zealand and the Australian Associations for the Study of Religion.

  • General: Phenomenology of religion, Christian thought and history, Islam and Christian-Muslim relations, interreligious dialogue, religious pluralism, fundamentalism and extremism.
  • Als Adjunct Professor: Theologie und Interreligiöse Studien: The purpose of being an Adjunct Professor (Assoziierter Forscher) at the University of Bern is to support, promote, and contribute to the international and research profile of the relevant Department and Faculty. At present this is focussed on publication work arising out of a series of conferences organised by the Dept. for Old Catholic Theology. The first publication, in a new series in oecumenical and interreligious studies to be published as special issues of the Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift (IKZ), is in preparation.
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