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Katherine Jennings


Institut für Christkatholische Theologie

Universität Bern
Institut für Christkatholische Theologie
Längassstrasse 51
CH-3012 Bern
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 Seit Dezember 2017
Doctor of Theology (Research issue: The material and visual culture of Old Catholicism in Bern; a material biography of the Church of Saint Peter and Paul, Bern), University of Bern, Switzerland
 Seit 2017
Researcher and contributor in Christian-Muslim Relations 1500–1900 (CMR1900) (Research focus: late-nineteenth century encounters between Muslims and Christians in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific), University of Waikato, New Zealand
 2015-2017 Master of Philosophy, Studies in Religion (Research focus: the ‘Othering’ of the Ottoman Empire at and after the Great Exhibition, 1851–1901), University of Waikato, New Zealand
 2013 Master of Arts in Art History (Research focus: the personal and professional function of the portraiture of artist Edward Burne-Jones, 1860–1898), University of Auckland, New Zealand
 2012-2013 Graduate Research Assistant, Images and Ideas: Art Since Antiquity, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Art History and Theology (Research focus: stained glass renderings of the Christian Virtues in Oxford Movement churches with an emphasis on iconography), University of Auckland, New Zealand

 2008-2010 Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Theatre, and Religious Studies, University of Victoria, New Zealand
  • Sacred art and identity: Taking art and objects as a material foundation for analysing theological conflict and church identity during the Swiss Kulturkampf.

  • Interfaith encounter: Historical exchange between Christians and Muslims in the Antipodes and elsewhere at the ‘edges of empire’ as recorded in text and image.

  • “At Port and at Sea: Early Muslim Presence along the Australian Coastline, 1880–1939.” In Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations vol. 26; no. 1 (2018): 89–104