Are you inquisitive? Do you look for diversity in your studies? Do you want to broaden your horizons? The Old Catholic theology degree program offers just that.

The film provides a brief introduction to the degree program, the teaching staff, and students.

Our bachelor’s and master’s degrees (single subject) and the doctoral program are not just about Old Catholicism but also offer a unique blend of Old Catholic and Protestant perspectives. While the programs share many similarities, the Old Catholic programs shine in their unique areas of focus, guided by the expertise of our esteemed professors and lecturers at the Institute of Old Catholic Theology.

  • In church history, there is a distinct focus on the history of Old Catholicism, its precursor movements, and its ecumenical concerns.
  • In systematic theology, particular emphasis is placed on the fundamental theology of Catholic tradition and Old Catholic dogmatics in an ecumenical context.
  • Liturgical studies are strongly emphasized and taught based on the liturgical traditions of the Eastern and Western churches.
  • In ecumenical theology, significant weight is placed on the Anglican and Orthodox churches’ ecumenical relations and theological concerns.

Occasionally, lecturers or teaching assistants in other subjects will selectively set their accents, for example, in church management or law. Some of these are mandatory in the curriculum, while others are recommended by the student’s institute of study. Such recommendations can be binding within the framework of individual supplementary studies or the structured doctoral program agreement.

There is also a minor for the master’s programme, History and Theology of Old Catholicism, in addition to the major.